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Nuclear power has no place among climate solutions. Indeed, choosing to stick with existing nuclear plants – and building new ones – actually makes climate change worse. There are many excellent – but sometimes long and detailed – reports that make the definitive case for renewables over nuclear. To render these more accessible, Beyond Nuclear is choosing a selection to condense into manageable Talking Points. We hope you will find these useful in outreach to elected officials and the public, for presentations and in your media work. Watch for new additions to our series as they are published in the coming months. Please feel free to download, print and distribute our Talking Points.

Talking Points #1: Why Nuclear Power Slows Action on Climate Change. An analysis by Amory B. Lovins.  The first of our Talking Points series lays out the arguments related to carbon reductions, time and cost, which, taken together, make nuclear power the least helpful choice for climate change, and renewable energy, combined with energy efficiency, the best choice.

You can download a PDF version here

Talking Points #2: “Advanced” Isn’t Always Better. Why pursuing “advanced” reactors is too slow, too resource-intensive, too dangerous and won’t result in improvements over traditional light water reactors. An analysis by Edwin Lyman. The second in our Talking Points series debunks the many flawed arguments suggesting that “new” and “advanced” non-light-water-reactors are an improvement and needed to combat climate change.

You can download a PDF version here

Talking Points #3: Does nuclear power effectively reduce carbon emissions? An analysis by Benjamin K. Sovacool, Andy Stirling and colleagues. The third in our Talking Points series looks at how countries that choose nuclear power are less effective at reducing carbon emissions than those that choose renewables, and how the choice of nuclear power can cancel out renewables.

You can download a PDF version here.

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