Beyond Nuclear International (BNI) is a project of Beyond Nuclear, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

We created Beyond Nuclear International in order to put the human face on our issue, and to tell the stories of the anti-nuclear struggle in a different way, with a focus on the humanitarian impacts of nuclear power and nuclear weapons. Through this more creative, visual and personalized approach, BNI aims to engage new audiences who care about global warming, animals, our environment, peace and the future of our planet, and to bring the world’s anti-nuclear movements together.

We believe it is essential to tell powerful and personal stories using strong imagery and compelling narratives. We aim to shine the spotlight on the many courageous and lesser-known heroes in our movement from across the world. Our content includes informative and lively features and thought-provoking essays; topical news stories; inspiring people profiles; and coverage of eye-catching cultural and political events.

We encourage contributions to Beyond Nuclear International and, with these, we hope not only to inform and enlighten but also to provoke discussion. Consequently, all views expressed by contributing writers are deemed their own, and not necessarily a reflection of the positions and opinions held by Beyond Nuclear (although, as a general rule, they are very much in line with them. This is not a venue for pro-nuclear arguments.)

BNI is not a technical or analytical site. If you are seeking more in-depth, detailed information and research, please see the Beyond Nuclear organizational website at www.BeyondNuclear.org.

All donations made via this site support the work of the Beyond Nuclear organization as a whole, including Beyond Nuclear International. Donations by check should be made to Beyond Nuclear.

The curator and editor of Beyond Nuclear International is Linda Pentz Gunter. She can be contacted at: 301.455.5655 or linda@beyondnuclear.org

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