The Case Against Nuclear Power: Facts and Arguments from A-Z:
A Beyond Nuclear handbook.

Nuclear power is a complex topic. Effective arguments for a nuclear phaseout need to be clear and succinct, and made easily accessible to lay audiences.

Our anti-nuclear handbook comprises a series of standalone booklets that effectively represent each “chapter” of the full handbook. Each booklet will cover an essential aspect of the nuclear fuel chain, including topics such as reactors, waste, health, uranium mining and climate change. These booklets, taken together, deliver an anti-nuclear encyclopedia of sorts, but in concise segments covering a wide range of issues.

Booklets will be uploaded as they are completed and can be downloaded and reproduced at no charge. Printed copies of each booklet will also be available on request. Once all the booklets are on line, the full handbook will also be available. Be sure to check this page for updates, or join our email list to receive all our news and notifications.

Here are the currently available downloads:


A-Z Overview

Radiation and harm to human health

Climate change and why we can’t fix it

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