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The Case Against Nuclear Power: Facts and Arguments from A-Z is a Beyond Nuclear anti-nuclear handbook for activists and lay audiences presenting clear and effective arguments for a nuclear phaseout.


Beyond Nuclear International is a new addition to the Beyond Nuclear portfolio. All donations by check and online are tax-deductible and should be made to Beyond Nuclear, a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

Latest news

Radioactive sea spray is dosing communities

Governments want to cover it up

The Green New Deal goes to Washington

But can its largely youthful supporters hold the nuclear lobby at bay?

Darth Trump: From Space Force to Star Wars

Peace in space again under threat from current White House

The uranium map in our bodies

Uranium and decay products litter the landscape — and our bodies

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A return to Greenham Common?

US withdrawal from INF could make Europe a nuclear battleground again

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A planet worth saving

Immersive Bella Gaia experience reminds us why Earth matters

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