Fukushima child evacuee speaks out

After “so much pain and sorrow”, a call to end nuclear power

By “Yumi”*

Dear citizens and friends,

My name is Yumi, I’m a high school student now living in Kyoto, Japan.

First, look at this photo of my scribbled note on a sheet of paper.

Yumi's letter

It reads, “I have been through so much pain and sorrow. So I have the RIGHT to speak out: ‘Zero nuclear power! No nukes! No bringing in radioactive contaminated waste!’ I am a child evacuee from the Fukushima nuclear disaster.”

I wrote it when I was an elementary school student soon after my mother and I were evacuated together from Fukushima to Kyoto.

In nearby communities my mother was crying out against nuclear power and telling the public how she had struggled to evacuate from the nuclear disaster.

At that time, being an elementary school student, I had no choice but to accompany her and listen to her speeches.

As a kid, her stories of the nuclear power accident were too difficult to understand, and to be honest, all a bit boring.

I remember a drawing pad and writing utensils I always used to take with me to pass the time drawing pictures.

In gatherings and meetings, my mother shed tears expressing her “No to nuclear power” pleas to the public.

Suddenly one day, a vision of my grandfather, cousins and the old classmates I had been parted from, and now far away, appeared in my mind’s eye.

I felt hatred for nuclear power and the disaster which caused this tragedy rise up in me.

This was how and why even as a kid I felt compelled to write down those sentences.

Eight years have passed since then, all the feelings I had back then are fading as the years roll by, but whenever I look at this piece of paper I remember those feelings as clearly as if it was just yesterday.


Yumi and her family evacuated Fukushima City, where “they detected 600 times higher doses of radiation than before the accident.” (Photo: purplepumpkins/WikiCommons)

In Fukushima City where my family lived, due to the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster, they detected 600 times higher doses of radiation than before the accident.

However, the government of Japan did not issue any evacuation order for the residents.

So far I haven’t had any serious health issues, but a great fear strikes me whenever I hear the child thyroid cancer incidences in Fukushima prefecture have increased, and especially every time I myself undergo a yearly thyroid medical examination.

One reason for this is the memory of the unstoppable nose bleeds I suffered in the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

I have heard that the health effects of radiation can occur not only right after the irradiation, but also after many years, and there are not a few cases of this.

(The video below, featuring Arnie Gundersen of Fairewinds Energy Education, explains in 2016 the already observable the implications of increased thyroid cancers and other health effects.)

Along with my mother, I have become a member of plaintiffs of “the Kansai class action lawsuit for damages caused by the nuclear accident.”

The aim is to fight against the government of Japan and TEPCO, to create a safer society, which of course includes my family and friends in Fukushima, and to prevent another tragic nuclear accident from ever happening again.

Till now I was just following my mother’s footsteps.

However, from now on, as one of the victims of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, I am determined to do what I can do on my own, step by step, just as my mother has done and continues to do.

We the nuclear evacuees of Fukushima thank you for your much-needed continuing support.

Thank you.


Yumi’s letter in Japanese


Yumi's letter











“Stop All the Orerating Nuclear Power Plants Immediately and Decommission them.” (Photo:保守)







*For fear of reprisals, neither Yumi nor her mother can use their names or be featured here photographically. We thank her — and Etsuji Watanabe, a member of the Japanese anti-radiation citizen-scientist group ACSIR — for permission to publish her letter.

Headline photo shows an anti-nuclear protest in Japan in 2011. (Photo: 保守 /WikiCommons)

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